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App my business

Can an application system improve my business?

 "Our bespoke, purpose built applications seek to add undeniable benefit to businesses globally, by improving efficiency, decreasing cost and revolutionizing data analytics."

Using a Touch Phone


  • Increase business profitability by replacing staff with software based functionality that can perform tasks without a salary.

  • Increasing operational efficiency by using AI and data analysis to plan, plot and strategise operational oversight.

  • Increase customer convenience by bringing your offering onto their home screen.

  • Increasing marketing efficiency by using data analytics and push notifications to better understand your client.

Data on a Touch Pad


Our industry leading team of software engineers are capable and competent on the comprehensive application design, development and integration from inception to completion.


Our team is specialised and vastly experienced in Business Application Software with our obsession being focused on the comprehensive improvement of a business. 

Our Key engineering guidelines guide all projects and are underpinned by our three main pillars; Strength, Security and Success with the end goal being able to build resilient and effective systems.

UX Design Team


  • Support: We have a dedicated team of 24/7 software engineers to provide response at anytime. Each client will have their own designated Software engineer to carry out customer feedback, system maintenance and upgrades.

  • Strength: Our systems are built to be fundamentally resilient, bug free and with a strong foundation for improvements and growth.

  • Success: At PALS we value the success of our clients, and manage this by allocating dedicated software engineers to work with you to use the system to change your business.

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