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Data Driven software to revolutionise your business

 "Our comprehensive and innovative systems seek to ensure that every aspect of your business operates at optimal functionality, with opportunities easily identified and targeted"

Using a Touch Phone
Using a Touch Phone

Improve your Sales Function

Revamp your sales function with our bespoke software solutions. Our application-based systems allow you to replace staff and automate sales processes, making it easier for your clients to seamlessly make purchases. Our easy-to-use platform integrates into your customer relationship manager, providing you access to valuable customer information and assisting you in upselling.

Data on a Touch Pad

Improve your Marketing Function

We specialize in building custom software solutions that streamline your business and automate your marketing processes. With our powerful systems, client integration is easy and seamless, allowing you to mine client data and send push notifications more efficiently than ever before. Let us help you reach your full potential.

Data on a Touch Pad
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Improve your Operations Function

Operational efficiency is key to a successful business, and our tailor made operations systems are designed to take your operations function to the next level. We work with you to identify your unique business requirements and develop a solution that maximises your efficiency and productivity. With a data-driven approach, we ensure that you have the tools you need to thrive in a competitive market.

Comprehensive 24/7 Support

When it comes to software solutions, having 24/7 comprehensive support can make all the difference. At PALS , we're here to support our clients in every aspect of their software systems.

We provide clear and enforceable deliverables on a service level agreement basis, ensuring that your systems are running and  updating smoothly and efficiently.

Our continuous analysis and innovation will ensure that these systems are backed up on a per second basis and remain at the forefront of the software revolution.

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